BLDC-Sensorless Motor-Control Evaluationkit

Discover within few ​seconds ​whether sensorless ​BLDC motor control​ ​fits ​your application.​

Get up to speed with this advantageous technology easily with our latest evaluation kit, that is available at Q3 2021.

  • STM32MP157-DK2 from STMicroelectronics
  • touch enabled TFT display
  • ext. Monitor (HDMI) / USB-Mouse
  • Ethernet for Web-Browser based User Interface
  • 12-36V Input
  • BLDC-Motor connector
  • Motor Driver idastroem BLDC_MP15x

Function principle of sensorless motor control

The control system observes the reactions of the motor in response to control signals and computes based on a mathematical motor model the current electrical rotor angle and velocity.

The motor model is tuned during operation to follow the actual motor parameters closely.
This spares you time consuming and error prone calibration and setup procedures.

Interview with Eurocircuits at Embedded World 2020 conference

“Wheel of Fortune” Demonstration
(presented at Embedded World 2020 conference at booth of DH electronics)