STM32MP1 embedded
idastroem Linux ecosystem
  • Fast boot (MCU ≈ 0.4s, Linux ≈ 1.1 sec.)

  • Complete secure boot Solution (know-how protection, encrypted MCU code)

  • Ideally suited for upgrading from existing microcontroller solutions (ARM M0/M4, STM32 devices, ESP32, …)

No experiments

We bring over 30 years experience in developing embedded electronics for you to the table:

We know for sure what works and what doesn't

Safe and Robust

Connected electronic devices in the internet age need to work reliably in the first place.

EMC compliant hardware engineering is therefore a key requirement. Only then can you be sure:

Your product does not interfere with others and does not get interfered with.

Modular und Efficient

By using existing modules and software components we prove function with early prototypes and keep short development cycles.

Overall you save on your time and money.

Franc Marx


Hardware Engineering

High Frequency, Power electronics, EMC Consulting, Motor Control (BLDC, Stepper, FOC, Sensorless), Firmware Development

Markus Kräutner


Software Engineering

Fieldbusses, Motion-Control (Ramps, Modulation, Field-Weakening), FPGA-Design (Altera, Gigabit-Ethernet, NIOS), (Embedded) Linux, Firmware Development

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