BLDC-Sensorless Motor-Control Evaluationkit

​Discover within ​a few ​seconds ​whether sensorless ​BLDC motor control​ ​fits ​your application.​

​Available at beginning of Q3/2020

​No experiments

We ​bring ​over 30 years​ experience in developing embedded electronics for you to the table:

​We know for sure what works and what ​doesn't

​Safe and Robust

Connected ​electronic devices in the internet age ​need to work reliably in the first place.

​​EMC compliant hardware ​engineering is therefore ​ a key requirement. Only then can you be sure:

​Your product does not interfere with others and does not get interfered with.

Modular und Efficient

By using existing modules and software components we ​prove function with early prototypes and keep short development cycles.

Overall you save on your time and money.

Franc Marx


Hardware​ Engineering

​High Frequency, ​Power electronics, ​EMC Consulting, ​Motor Control (BLDC, ​Stepper, FOC, Sensorless)​, Firmware Development

Markus Kräutner


Software​ Engineering

​Fieldbusses, Motion-Control (Ramps, Modulation, ​Field-Weakening), FPGA-Design (Altera, Gigabit-Ethernet, NIOS), (Embedded) Linux, Firmware Development

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